Monday, September 29, 2008

Funky Mama featured in Tot Trends Weekly

Funky Mama's Moo Juice
is featured this week in
Tot Trends Weekly!
Check out the link and the magazine. So fun!
Here's what they had to say:
Get your groove on with Funky Mama. "Moo Juice" is the fantastically fun rock 'n roll creation that keeps the kids movin'. "Freeze Dance", "My Dad Rocks", and "Hot Time in the Old Town" are our personal favorites-but we, basically, just love the whole album!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

KC KIDS Music review!
KC Kids MUSIC - Krista “Funky Mama” Eyler
If you’ve spent any time on the Kansas City kids’ festival, fair or storytime circuit over the past few years, you’ve surely had the fantastic opportunity to experience a Funky Mama performance. Krista Eyler, a.k.a. Funky Mama, is a local mom (and former television reporter) who knows how to get your kids moving, singing and laughing!
Funky Mama plays a cherry red electric guitar and her music really has a bluesy rock and roll feel - but it’s all geared to the kids. Her third and most recent release is the full length CD “
Moo Juice.” It came out in late summer and I was lucky enough to get a copy to test drive. Things have been so busy here on KC Kids Fun and with school, sports, dance, church - you know the drill - that I haven’t gotten around to talking about it yet!
The CD is good - it’s really good! (Not that it’s a big surprise that it’s good!) Songs like the title track “Moo Juice” -about milk - and “Pop ‘n Hop” - about making popcorn - took my kids by surprise though. I don’t think they thought it was “their kind of music” until they really started listening to the lyrics. And then the smiles broke out.
My favorite songs on the CD are “Sippy” which has a great shout-out, sing-along chorus, perfect for annoying my children in the car and “Ooo, Aah, Ow!” (about hair-brushing) which just causes my daughter to roll her eyes while I laugh. It’s not just funny lyrics though - the music is really solid. And Krista has such a full, soulful voice - so easy to listen to.
The kids swiped the CD from the car and it has now disappeared into the abyss of their bedrooms. I can report though that I regularly hear them singing some of the songs around the house, especially “Down, Down Baby” (a fabulous a cappella song) and “Freeze Dance.”
So, we’re big Funky Mama fans at our house. We highly recommend “Moo Juice” and we highly, highly recommend catching Krista live around Kansas City. She’s playing this weekend (September 27, 2008) at the Plant Hope for Hearts fundraiser at English Landing Park in Parkville. And at the Johnson County Museum on October 1, at a shopping benefit for Abby’s Run in Overland Park on October 4 and at Wonderscope on October 8! Check the
KC Kids Fun Events Calendar for more details.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moo Juice Review from the Opinionated Parent

New review of Moo Juice:
I've been working a bunch and in the throws of a new Fall preschool schedule. I'm also performing in a real grown-up musical!
Always, Patsy Cline.
Here's the link if you're in the KC area this month:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LaLa Girl Review of Moo Juice! And CD giveaway...

(How have I not seen this wonderful blog?)

Hope you enjoy it, too, and the review of Moo Juice.

LaLaGirl Likes...Product Reviews and Giveaways from a Busy Twin Mama!

Thanks for loving the CD as much as I do, Laura! You can stalk me anytime. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moo Juice Review-Ink KC

New review from Ink KC Magazine!
Thank you, Travis! Glad you liked it.

Funky Mama
Moo Juice
Funky Mama Music
Having children while still in your 20s is difficult. Aside from the daily routine of having to care for newborns or toddlers, you also strive to make sure they’re not nerdy and lame like you were growing up. You want to dress them in cool clothes, find them interesting TV shows and movies to watch and, if possible, find them music that won’t make you go insane.
At first glance, Moo Juice doesn’t look like something you’d have in your car stereo. But after the first couple of songs you realize maybe both you and your children could enjoy the album.
Funky Mama — aka local musician/mom Krista Eyler — once worked as an on-air television reporter for KMBC-TV News. Then she decided to follow her passion for playing the electric guitar, singing and songwriting. Thus, Funky Mama was born.
Moo Juice, her third album, is fierce. For a children’s album, this CD rocks. Both the guitar playing and Eyler’s vocals are cranked up, and you get the sense she’s comfortable belting out the blues. Her backup band comprises talented musicians who have room to shine and aren’t forced into the background.
A sense of fun and looseness permeates the album, with children introducing songs and a few a cappella numbers that allow Eyler’s incredible vocals to shine. The album also leaves in small talk among the bandmates at the beginnings and ends of songs, which adds another layer of playfulness.
The soulful way Eyler sings about “Sippy” makes you wonder if the title character isn’t a long-lost love instead of a sippy cup. “Potty Train” is sure to be a hit with children of all ages, as well as the popcorn-making ditty “Pop n’ Hop.”
My 4-year-old son’s favorite song was “Freeze Dance,” during which the music comes to a halt each time Eyler utters “freeze. ...”
There are plenty of songs for the parents, as well. Anyone with an infant will appreciate the church-choir-stomping “No Sleep Tonight,” in which Eyler ponders, “Baaaaaabaaaaaay, why can’t you tell me what you need?” as the child cry, cry, cries. “Multi-Taskin’ Mama” is a rousing blues number about housework piling up, kids needing to get to school, and Funky Mama having no time to do her hair.
Chances are, you’ll dig the music, kids will enjoy the silly lyrics, and your friends will scratch their heads when they hear you singing “go, potty, go” under your breath at the next get-together.— travis fox { special to ink }