Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Help for friends

I have a friend from high school who, with her husband, sister and others, is trying to make a peaceful difference in the lives of African people.
They have suffered a tragedy. My friend's brother-in-law was recently murdered in Kenya due to his affiliation with the "wrong" political body. A senseless death. Now her husband must return to Africa to try and bring his surviving family members home.
Here is a link to help:

Here's also a link to the news stories:

On a side note: If you want to see some amazing art, look at
Josi is the Executive Director of SoulFari Kenya.

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is from an interview I did with Matt Stewart a few days after I performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll. I was SO very pregnant with baby #2!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just the black notes....

Ok, if you have 10 minutes (which I know in Parent Land is rare), listen to and watch this. I'm a huge fan of gospel music and I don't know how you cannot be moved by this video. Wintley Phipps is such a dynamic speaker and even better singer. Check out this history lesson..


I think we've deleted the Grandma's House video off our website, so here it is:

You can also find it on YouTube. Just search for Funky Mama Grandma's House.

Up at the crack of the crack....

Well, I hadn't intended on this early post, but my little dude thought I needed to get 5am.
So, we played, emptied the dishwasher, made coffee, ate breakfast (he did), and now I'm updating pics. It's also very difficult to type with one hand, but we'll make due.
Here are some pics from a show I did with the very sweet Mr. Stinkyfeet Jim Cosgrove and his lovely wife, Jeni, at St. Paul's Parish in Olathe.
If any of you have pics of Funky Mama shows, please, send them to me. I love to collect them. If you don't mind them posted up here, that is. Just send me an email.
Let's we're off to the Fun Place. (Kid #1's code word for a great community center nearby.) Then, the Depot de Home for new pulls on bathroom cabinets. EVERYTHING needs updating in our great home. Off to the day...
I have a show coming up at WONDERSCOPE next THURSDAY at 10am, so come on out!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thoughts on places I play....

As Funky Mama, I get to visit many, many preschools, daycares, and schools. I think this is a great place to talk about them.
I get to have an interesting vantage point as a singer in front of a lot of educators and kids. I can immediately get a "vibe."
Here are some memorable places where I've seen a lot of love going from the careproviders to the kiddos. Remember, these are just my humble observations on a few places. I know there are wonderful childcare facilities all over the metro area:

1. Congregation Beth Shalom 14200 Lamar, OP, KS
I love this place. Let my bias be known. I teach music there and adore the teachers. They love kids--bottomline. Besides, the education they give as a preschool is second to none.
The director, Judy Jacks Berman, greets each kid by name and gives them a kiss on the head. The teachers take children into their laps and freely cuddle and seem to love it! It's funny how many places I visit where I see teachers look so tired and can't seem to muster energy for the kids.

2.Village Preschool (Village Presbyterian Church) Prairie Village, KS
Bias again. Patty Zender, the director, has to be one of the most kind-hearted, dynamic, and warm educators I know. Don't get me started! The teachers, too! Wow. Warm, loving and firm with the kids. And understanding. A well-respected preschool of which I love being a part.

3. Brookridge Day School 9555 Hadley, OP, KS
The director, Mary Beth Daley, who I think is awesome, was one of the first educators to give Funky Mama a shot and I will always appreciate that. (She also rides a girly scooter to and from work!) The place is fun and the folks are enthusiastic and caring.

I know everyone has their favorites. These are just a few of mine. We should talk librarians, too. They rock! What unsung heros for kiddos especially in the summertime.

(Thanks, Tina for the pic.)

Karate Mama

In my song, "Tomboy," there's a line that says: I like karate...
it's absolutely true.
I not only like karate, I LOVE it. I've been involved with Bushidokan (now Hartley's American Karate) since I was a kid. And if any of you out there wonder how I got back into shape after both of my big boys, karate is the answer.
I'm going to post some pics and things when I get a moment about this, but I just wanted to share.
Karate is like putting your brain and body on recharge. I swear, it's my mommy-therapy.
If you want a great school to try out, let me know. I teach Thursdays at Hartley's American Karate at approx. 135th and Nieman (behind Planet Fitness). It's such a great workout for mind, body and spirit. (By the way, most of these pics were from my Shodan/black belt test in November. I swear, I thought a part of me died a bit. Never been so injured or sore, but proud, nonetheless. The man in the picture at left is Sensei Jim Harrison--the founder of Bushidokan in America. He's my instructor's instructor. A very scary dude. He bites.)


Do you have the "snort" face at your house?
It appears when food doesn't come fast enough.
Here it is in all its glory.

Funky Mama's 1st Blog!

Well, well. I've finally given in to the blog. It makes total sense:
1. Get your name out there--more hits for your Google-recognition-self-esteem meter
2. Write....whatever.
3. Talk about...whatever.
4. Give Funky Mama friends more insight into who I am.
I'm sitting at the computer (duh) waiting for picture after picture to print off my computer.
Sounds around me---baby whining because he won't take a nap; Kipper video playing for my other son who just stumbled downstairs from a nap; Hubby upstairs knocking doors down. Not exactly Eden, but it's home. Usual chaos.
I'm going to post some pics and things. That's what a blog is for, right? Kind of a house-closet for your computer. Carry-all, hold-all, stuff-it-in kind of area.